Do you need help or have any questions please submit a ticket on the related game in Discord


1- It is your responsibility to read and follow the rules listed here. if you are at any point unsure if doing something will be breaking the rules, contact the admin team on Discord or TeamSpeak.

1.1- Do not argue with the admins. if you feel that an admin has mistreated you in some way, you can make a complaint on discord to either headadmin or bob

1.2- Do NOT advertise any type of material that is not Game-squad related such as, you own servers Twitch-channels etc.

2.0.Game-squad is not responsible for players losing items/dinos, dinos bugging under the map or loss of items caus of random deaths etc due to mod/game releated errors, Admins NEVER spawn in items/dinos without express permission from server owners. or head admin. Follow the admins instructions.

2.1. Do NOT message admins direct, if you are in need of support! Use the system on discord (type in support channel)! support and remember to type in what server you need help on. furthermore, the support channel is not a discussion channel, it is only used for players that need an admin to assist them, if you feel the need to ask general quistions use the ark-chat channel below.

3.0. Global chat is only Danish or English. use tribe chat if you need to use any other language than listed above

4.0. Respect other players: We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity or rudeness towards other players on any of our servers. Including (but is not limited to) the following forms of discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, etc.

5.0. Do NOT leave creatures on mating/wandering "while offline without enough working hatchery’s": Any losses as a result of cleaning up your mess is deemed collateral damage, keep track of your breeding operations.

6.0. Do NOT build in OR block off important resource heavy spawns: Resource spawns such as large metal spawns, crystal spawns, beaver dams, etc. They are important for not only people starting up on the servers, but for all members on the servers. They should be kept free of structures/tames and kept easily accessible for all. Any oil pumps or sap taps placed outside your base should be kept unlocked and accessible by everyone.

7.0. Do NOT block the Obelisks OR build at cave/desert drops. The obelisks need to stay clear so others can bring their own tames to do boss fights or transfer to another server etc.

7.1 Do Not leave any structures around the map. this includes but is not limited to - Taming pens/traps, old bases, storage boxes and beds, as well as spamming pillars, foundations etc. No public taming traps.

7.2. All dinos should be kept within your base if you are not actively using it. dinos left or wandering around the map will be removed without warning.

7.3. Do NOT spam foundations/pillars/etc.: It is ugly and unfair to section off a massive section of the map, remember that on these servers you are a part of a community and should only use as much space as necessary, leave room for others! (see rule 1)

8.0. Tribes are only allowed 1 Base location, regardless of how many players are in the tribe. Each Tribe is allowed 1 separate water enclosure. meaning no crafting areas, roofs etc. a simple water pen to keep water tames safe.

9.0. Do NOT share personal information such as phone number, Facebook - Twitter home address etc. you are though allowed to give out your name.

10.0. Do NOT attempt to PvP, this refers to picking up people without the players permission, Dropping dinos into other bases. Drowning players without the players permission stealing from other players: such as joining in on a boss fight where you were NOT invited and there by taking engrams unlocked that you did not earn. stealing eggs or other stuff from players.

10.1. Do NOT troll other players: This includes drowning characters; stealing eggs before the hatchery grabs them; ruining a tame; leaving tames in someone else's base; etc.??

Failing to adhere to the gamesquad ruleset, will result in consequences taken against you. Play fair and have fun and always remember: ITS ONLY A GAME

cluster c1

This Cluster contains four different Maps

Next Wipe

Server wipe have started, servers what will be online friday at some given point. Be patient.